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Born2Drive (original title)

A film by --

Every child is growing up having a dream. Oliver is at first glimpse like any normal 15-year-old teenager, hung up on his favorite thing; cars. However, you will soon discover that he has a unique talent. With 600 horsepower under the hood, from zero to hundred km/h (0-62 mph) in 1,9 seconds, Oliver drives his car like no one else! He is the world’s youngest rallycross driver. He comes from a family with gasoline running through their veins and every breath is about the sport of driving. Oliver is the son of 3 times world champion Petter Solberg. He's born to drive! Last year, Oliver started at the racing school in Le Mans, France. We follow him finding his place at the new school and making new friends. But in a foreign country far away from his family, this can be tough. At the same time Oliver is now competing among the best, both in rally and rallycross. But does he have what it takes to make it to the top? This is a game for grown-ups. A thrilling and energizing experience, with awesome car racing and action moments, BORN2DRIVE is a fascinating story of talent and dream.


DCP/HD - 2018 - United Kingdom - 82Min - Color


Prophecy (original title)

A film by Charlie Paul

This is a unique and intimate exploration of a single oil painting and the first major film to reveal the motive and techniques behind each stroke of paint as the artist is creating. Filmed over four months what starts as a blank canvas, emerges Peter Howson's monumental oil painting: PROPHECY. Working from his imagination, Howson draws inspiration from is heroes Goya, DaVinci, Bruegel and El Greco. The film sticks deliberately and rigorously to the frame work of the painting itself; observing the canvas as it is mounted onto a wooden stretcher, through its turbulent creation in the artist's Glasgow studio, crossing the Atlantic to its first public exhibition in a New York gallery and then reaching its destination on the wall of a private art collector in London. Inventive filming techniques and hypnotic camera work make the invisible, visible, revealing how the unseen images in the artist's head are transferred to canvas. We discover the intentions and difficulties that push his creative output and how he achieves this ambitious, masterful and detailed 6ft x 8ft canvas. This film draws us right into the artist's eye, magnifying the apocalyptic world of PROPHECY.

Living The Light- Robby Müller

DCP/HD - 2018 - The Netherlands - 86Min - Color

Living The Light- Robby Müller

Living The Light- Robby Müller (original title)

A film by Claire Pijman

Director and Director of Photography Claire Pijman had access to thousands of Hi8 video diaries, pictures and polaroid’s that Müller photographed while he was at work on one of the more than 70 features he shot through his career; often with long term collaborators such as Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch and Lars von Trier. The film intertwines those images with films excerpts, thus creating a fluid and cinematic continuum. In his score for LIVING THE LIGHT, Jim Jarmusch gives this wide raging scale of life and art, an additional music voice. Robby Müller's work has been compared to painters like Vermeer and Hopper, other masters of light. Even when his films are finished, his images keep on moving. The light never fades because he always creates space for human emotions to come into the light. Living the Light is the story of that light.

Freedom Fields

DCP/HD - 2018 - United Kindom/Libya/Netherlands/USA/Qatar/Lebanon/Canada - 97Min - Color

Freedom Fields

Freedom Fields (original title)

A film by Naziha Arebi

In post-revolution Libya, a group of women are brought together by one dream: playing football for their nation. As the country descends into civil war and the utopian hopes of the “Arab Spring” begin to fade, can they realize their dream? And is there even a country left to play for? Freedom Fields is a film about hope and sacrifice in a land where dreams seem a luxury. Through the eyes of these accidental activists we see the reality of a country in transition, where the personal stories of love, struggle and aspirations collide with History.  

A long way home

DCP-HD - 2017 - Switzerland - 73 ' and 52' - Color / Black & White

A long way home

A film by Luc Schaedler

The film centers around five of the most significant representatives of contemporary Chinese counterculture: the visual artists the Gao Brothers, the choreographer and dancer Wen Hui, the animation artist Pi San and the poet Ye Fu.

With bravery and subversive wit, they each shed light on the social problems in their country from their unique perspective. What they share is a struggle to come to terms with their respective pasts, all scarred by violence and oppression. Their vision is of a democratic, supportive and humane civil society.

A Long Way Home takes us on a fascinating journey into both the grim days of recent Chinese history and the dazzling cultural scene in present-day China. In doing so, the film poses universal questions that ultimately concern us all: which values determine our cultural identity and in what kind of world do we want to live?

A Long Way Home is an entertaining and moving plea for human solidarity.

The Green Lie

HD-DCP - 2018 - Austria - 97 - Color

The Green Lie

A film by Werner Boote

“When you shop with a conscience, you don’t save the world, you save the corporations”

Environmentally friendly electric cars, sustainably produced food products, fair production processes: Hurray! If everything the corporations tell us is true, we can save the world through our purchasing decisions alone! A popular and dangerous lie.

Are the industry's “green products” nothing more than a sales strategy?

In his new documentary film, Werner Boote (Plastic Planet, Everything's Under Control) shows us, together with environmental expert Kathrin Hartmann, how we can protect ourselves.

They easily banter, they agree to disagree and ultimately bring freshness to a never-ending debate.

A Journey to the Fumigated Towns

HD-DCP - 2018 - Argentina - 97 - Color

A Journey to the Fumigated Towns

A film by Fernando E. Solanas

A Journey to the Fumigated Towns is the final episode made by Fernando Solanas in a series of 8 films dedicated to the Argentinian’s crisis in the 21st century. Based on testimonies, re-creations, archives and photos, this investigative documentary reveals not only the after-effects of the soya’s model and other GMO’s grain productions with agrochemicals, on the health of the Argentinian people but also the global and environmental consequences.

Fernando Solanas unfolds dramatic stories and testimonies from locals, farmers and researchers. As a fearless director and a senator, he is convinced that Eco-agriculture produces food for everyone in a natural and profitable way.

The Waldheim Waltz

HD/ DCP - 2018 - Austria - 93 - Color / Black & White

The Waldheim Waltz

Waldheim's Walzer (original title)

A film by Ruth Beckermann

A film about truth and lies and how a dishonest man can rise to power. Ruth Beckermann documents the process of uncovering former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim’s wartime past. It shows the swift succession of new allegations by the World Jewish Congress during his Austrian presidential campaign, the denial by the Austrian political class, the outbreak of anti-Semitism and patriotism, which finally led to his election. Created from international archive material and what Beckermann shot at the time, the film shows that history repeats itself time and time again.

Young Solitude

HD-DCP - 2018 - FRANCE - 100 - Color

Young Solitude

Premières solitudes (original title)

A film by Claire Simon

Claire Simon portrays an important time for any individual, from 16 to 18 years of age.

Set in the Paris suburbs in high school (for those lucky enough to go), teenagers chat after and even during class, sitting in the hallway or outside on a bench, looking at the city below them.

Claire Simon sets up a cinematic dialog with the teens, speaking about their personal history, their family, but also passions and loneliness.

At this age, they start thinking about leaving their family, when there is one, and even run away from it when it’s completely broken. Being by yourself can bring as many good things as bad ones. This film becomes a place where they search and discuss the meaning of all this.

A pure coming-age story, Young Solitude is an ode to youth.


HD/ DCP - 2017 - The Netherlands - 70 min - Color



A film by Saskia Boddeke

Peter Greenaway constructs an alphabet for and with his daughter Zoë as a blueprint of his life.

The fascinations of filmmaker Peter Greenaway, whose motto is "art is life and life is art", are captured like butterflies and arranged in an alphabet, a form suiting him perfectly as an encyclopedist. In intimate conversations with his perceptive 16-year-old daughter Zoë, we discover the ‘whos, whats and whys’ about Greenaway.

They begin with A, which stands for Amsterdam, but could also stand for autism, Zoë suggests. Greenaway’s boundless creativity and unconstrained flow of words brings this to mind indeed, and he admits to wearing the label with pride. The playful conversations don’t shy away from painful topics; we hear that Greenaway hasn’t seen two other children of his for years.

Later, heartbroken and in tears, Zoë asks him if for once to stop talking like a commentator.

Zoë’s spontaneous questions penetrate Greenaway to the core, enabling his wife, multimedia artist Saskia Boddeke, to make a deeply personal portrait not only of the artist, but also of Greenaway the father in his battle against time.