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Move! Dance your life

DCP-HD - 2016 - France - 76 Min - Color

Move! Dance your life

Move! Dance your life (original title)

A film by Fanny Jean-Noël

MOVE ! Dance your life is a "poetrip". It’s a unique, poetic and aesthetic film about dance around the world !
Its primary language is Dance, a universal medium.
The film takes place in 18 different destinations around the world. With over 20 dancers, amateurs or professionals, from childhood to old age, from womb to tomb, MOVE ! shows humanity’s vital need for dance.


« We should consider each day lost in which we have not danced at least once »

Friedrich Nietzcshe


DCP - HD - 2014 - Uruguay & Argentina - 98 & 52 - Color


Avant (original title)

A film by Juan Alvarez Neme

After retiring as a professional dancer, Julio Bocca, one of the most famous ballet dancer ever, accepts the challenge to direct a forgotten national ballet in its unfinished theatre. Avant explores the contrast between Bocca ´s quest for excellence and the daily life of this company, set in a changing scenery that frames the lives of dancers, workers, cleaners and technicians.


HD - 2013 - French - 52 - Color / Black & White


Mireille Negre (original title)

A film by Marlène Ionesco

This film redraws an usual path of a life out of time, of a destiny out of the ordinary. An exceptionnel dancer, when Mireille has to be nominated Etoile of the Opéra in Paris by Serge Lifar, she leaves the Opéra to become a nun and she remains in the cloister ten years. Once she gets out of the cloister, she is recognized Virgin Consacreted by the Cardinal Lustiger and she creates her own school of dance in Paris.