Mode de vie / Luxe / Mode


HD - 2014 - French - 52 Min - Color



A film by Jean Barrat & Marie Perrin

Known as the “Pope of chic lingerie”, Chantal Thomass is a muse, the incarnation of the contemporary woman all around the world.
With a 45 years career, from the bottom to the top, she represents the revolution of lingerie in the world, form the 1970’s until now.
An exclusive portrait of an exclusive women, Chantal Thomass invites us to discover her story for the first time, the story of a woman that took the handy accessory lingerie was and turned it to an essential piece of fashion.

Soviet Hippies

HD - 2017 - Estony, Germany, Finland - 85/ 52 min - Color / Black & White

Soviet Hippies

Soviet Hippies (original title)

A film by Terje Toomistu

Flowers and hair grow everywhere

A wild flower power ride on the footprints of the Soviet hippie movement takes you into the psychedelic underground of 1970s. Thrilled by rock music, inspired by the cult of peace and love, the young long-haired drop-outs craved for freedom and created their own System in the Soviet Union despite the strict regime.

Years later, a group of eccentric hippies from Estonia take a road journey to Moscow where people still gather annually on the 1st of June for celebrations related to the tragic event of 1971, when thousands of hippies were arrested by the KGB.


Paris Style Architecture Season 3

HD - 2015 - French - 8x26 min - Color

Paris Style Architecture Season 3

Architecture à domicile (original title)

A film by Christophe Kilian & Amandine Ceccaldi

This documentary series invites you to discover France’s architecture through very special cities, from the south to the North, from Bordeaux to Rouen. A surprising and authentic trip to discover the architectural beauties of the country.


EPISODE 1 « Typical houses of the Pays Basque »

More than just a house, the « Etxe » symbolizes the familial heritage, the base of the Basque community social and political system. Let us push the door of several houses to understand   the characteristics of the three types of the Basque house.


EPISODE 2 « Biarritz, seaside resort architecture »

The Biarritz architecture is characterized by a surprising architectural variety, at least a motley one. By going and meeting numerous houses, we will be able to enjoy the different styles that coexist harmoniously in the city. 


EPISODE 3 « Norman architecture panorama»

Norman house and timbered cottage represent all by themselves the symbol of Normandy and its archetypal shape. Above the postcard imagery, this is a guided tour of the mythical architectures of the Norman grove and coast.


EPISODE 4 « Le Havre, concrete poetry »

Enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage of mankind of 2015, Le Havre downtown is an exceptional sample of the post war architecture and town planning. Let yourself led through innovative exploitation of concrete potentials.


EPISODE 5 « Stalls of Bordeaux »

The city of Bordeaux has been for several centuries significant commercial place. As a witness of this prosperity acquired since the 18th century, town planning of ancient part of the city reflects the first function of Bordeaux: little warehouses, stalls and shops form the main part of the urban link inside the historic districts.


EPISODE 6 « Bordeaux, the architectural spring »

Committed in an ambitious project of urban requalification since 1996, Bordeaux, the 5th city in France by population, continues its transformation, mixing its architectural heritage with a new contemporary architecture.


EPISODE 7 « Lyon, a trade city »

Lyon became at a very early stage a significant commercial place. As the city grew, a specific figure of the town appeared on the hill of the Croix Rousse district that used to be from the beginning of the 19th century the silk industry place.


EPISODE 8 « Lyon, the architectural turning point »

Sometimes regarded as wise and discrete, Lyon seemed henceforth to present the ambition to move on from its prestigious architectural past. A bold and fantasy wind blow on the facilities of nowadays, with a steady elegance.





Paris Style Architecture – Saison 1 & 2

HD - 2013 - French - 4x26 - Color

Paris Style Architecture – Saison 1 & 2

Architecture à domicile (original title)

A film by Christophe Kilian & Amandine Ceccaldi

Saison 1


 11th District Industrial Architecture

During this episode we will discover the industrial architecture in the 11th district of Paris, whose evolution followed, overt time, and the evolution of material and building techniques. The analyses of these buildings will allow us not only to understand a specific kind of architecture but also the history of this laborer district and his work memory.



 The Bohemian spirit of the 18th district

In this episode we will discover the bohemian & artistic spirit which still reigns in the heart of the 18th district and above all in Montmartre.



 Transformed factories – Ivry sur Seine –  at Paris’doors

At Paris border, between the Seine’s banks and railways, the city of Ivry has seen the birth of a new trend in the art of housing, with the transformation of huge abandoned industrial complex in small condominium paradise. Often hidden behind walls, arise exceptional homes that don 'have nothing to envy to Parisian chic.



 The village spirit in the 20th district– Paris

 The youngest district of Paris, the 20th changed itself from a rural tradition to urban habits, this making a symbolic "village atmosphere." The bet is to modernize the housing without sacrificing the architectural and urban color that makes the charm of this district.


 Season 2


 Paris’ Grands Boulevards – Haussmann Style

Paris “Grands Boulevards” are symbolic of an elegance that Parisians associate with the architecture of their city. This style represents the most famous image of Paris. In this episode, we will push the door of several apartments to see how we play with the codes of this so "classic" style.



 Architects Houses in Paris

You know Paris from Haussmann with its buildings and main avenues. Leaving the heart of the city to the suburb, the urban landscape offers more diversity: neighborhoods are more intimate, bucolic and some houses even become a setting. Let’s visit those architectural masterpieces.



 Art nouveau in Paris in 1900

At the southern border of Paris, between the Seine and the railroads, Ivry-Sur-Seine city gave birth to a new housing trend, with the transformation of huge industrial buildings in small condominium paradises. Often private hideaways, those exceptional accommodations have nothing to envy to the Parisian chic.



 Ecological Architecture in Paris

At the time of global warming and major environmental issues, ecological architecture becomes essential. In a city like Paris, is it an easy implementation? We will look for answers and visit several ecological homes located in Paris and its surroundings.