We always lie to Strangers

HD - 2014 - USA - 108 min - Color

We always lie to Strangers

We always lie to strangers (original title)

A film by AJ Schnack & David Wilson

Five years in the making, We Always Lie To Strangers is a story of family, community, music and tradition set against the backdrop of Branson, Missouri, one of the biggest tourist destinations in America. A remote Ozark Mountain town of just 10,500, Branson hosts more than 7.5 million tourists a year and generates nearly 3 billion dollars in annual tourism revenue.At the heart of Branson’s appeal is the more than 100 staged music shows that earned the town the monicker of "the live music capital of the world". These shows are well known for their "traditional, family" style of entertainment - no cussing, no nudity, no gambling, healthy doses of gospel and respect for veterans - and crowds from around the country, and particularly from the American Midwest, flock to Branson for this "return to old fashioned values".


Champ of the Camp

DCP - HD - 2013 - United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon - 75 & 52 Min - Color

Champ of the Camp

A film by Mahmoud Kaabour

“Champ of the Camp” is the first ever feature-length documentary filmed in the controversial labor camps of the United Arab Emirates. The film follows a massive Bollywood singing and trivia competition that searches across more than 70 camps throughout the country to find and crown the champ of all camps.

The film alternates between the x-factor style suspense of the competition and the gritty reality of the labor environment, while weaving in intimate access scenes of their daily routines and emotional reflections on their life as laborers in Dubai. Narrated (and sung) entirely in the voices of the laborers, it paints a complete portrait of this vast and isolated population of men who come to build the dream cities of the Arab world while supporting their societies and economies back home.

El Medico

DCP – HD - 2013 - Sweden - 79 Min - Color

El Medico

El medico (original title)

A film by Daniel Fridell

Two men struggle in Cuba. El Medico, a young Cuban doctor and musician, is trying to get a better life for his family. Michel, a European music producer, wants fame and fortune. It is a fight between two minds; One sees the music as an authentic expression of Cuban culture and history, the other sees it as a commercial product to be sold by any means necessary. Caught in this clash of views is also Kookita, the young dancer whose dreams are ruined because Michel thinks she is not sexy enough, and El Medico's Mother who thinks her son is betraying the revolutionary ideals that she suffered for.

El Medico realizes that being Michel's product is not his dream, he has to decide between doing his duty to the State, as a doctor fulfilling his mothers dream, or being an artist.


35mm, HD, DCP - 2012 - Brazilian - 87 Min - Color / Black & White


Tropicalia (original title)

A film by Marcelo Machado

Many years after the “explosion” of the Tropicalia movement in 1967, 1968 and 1969, it still influences the cultural production both domestically and internationally. 
“Tropicalia” is a feature length documentary that revisits this important Brazilian cultural movement through the recovery of valuable archives and exclusive encounters with renowned foreign artists and Brazilian “Tropicalia” icons such as Gaetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, among others.

Sons of the wind

HD - 2012 - French - 96 Min - Color

Sons of the wind

Les Fils du Vent (original title)

A film by Bruno Le Jean

They are Angelo Debarre, Moreno, Ninine Garcia and Tchavolo Schmitt.

They are guitarists. They are gypsies. They play and perpetuate the music of Django Reinhardt.

They have also a certain sense of humor, of friendship and a personal way to live their life standing.

Penetrating in tiptoe in their camps, their caravans or their apartments, we discover between notes and words, a community that preserves an authentic and particular way of life, a taste for difference, where in spite of difficulties, the important thing is the pleasure of playing guitar. 

An African Awakening

DCP - HD - 2012 - France - 93 min - Color

An African Awakening

Sababou (original title)

A film by Samir Benchikh

It is the story of 4 people struggling in Africa in order to change their life …

Each one on his level, they set up ambitious projects.

There is Tiken Jah Fakoly who tries to convince that positive Africa exists. Singer recognized worldwide, he mobilizes politicians on peace actions and tries to support and represent the voice of all these unknown persons who act in everyday life. Among these unknown persons, there are Rosine, Michel and Diabson who have the same purpose … fighting for education, justice and culture. 


Rising Sun

HD - 2011 - Switerland - 75 - Color

Rising Sun

Rising Sun (original title)

A film by Fabiane Kimoto

“You have to give up your old life before you can begin a new one” is the motto of the eight members of the Roc Kidz Crew, one of the most authentic hip-hop formations currently on the circuit. The dancers leave their middle-class lives and high material expectations behind them and make their way as a multicultural break-dancing crew to the South, on a tour that promises neither profit nor fame. A journey full of surprises and positive encounters: with their love of dance, music and freedom, the Roc Kidz Crew radiates a pure zest for life that crosses all social and ethnic borders.