Move! Dance your life

DCP-HD - 2016 - France - 76 Min - Color

Move! Dance your life

Move! Dance your life (original title)

A film by Fanny Jean-Noël

MOVE ! Dance your life is a "poetrip". It’s a unique, poetic and aesthetic film about dance around the world !
Its primary language is Dance, a universal medium.
The film takes place in 18 different destinations around the world. With over 20 dancers, amateurs or professionals, from childhood to old age, from womb to tomb, MOVE ! shows humanity’s vital need for dance.


« We should consider each day lost in which we have not danced at least once »

Friedrich Nietzcshe

Scratch Music

HD - 2012 - French - 52 Min - Color

Scratch Music

Scratch Music (original title)

A film by Denis Ramos et Jérôme Decol

Scratch Music is an esthetic and engaged documentary about a fringe artistic expression: turntablism, or the art of manipulating sounds to create music using turntables. The film catches the creative energy of these performers, all along their individual or collective shows. We discover their different visual and sound universes; where the technicality and creativity have no limits. Scratch Music is a tribute to all these singular artists.

With:  DJ Nétik / DJ Mart’one / Le Jad / DJ Premier / DJ Goodka / DJ Q Bert /

Scratch Bandits Crew / Beat torrent / DJ Fly / C2C