DCP - HD - 2013 - Spain - 75Min - Color

3 : Minutos (Three Minutes)

3 : Minutos (original title)

A film by Alvaro Torrellas

The story of 3 Minutes wheels around the character of Antonio Rodriguez, aka El Bigotes, an old Sevillian boxing trainer who rescues boys from the streets since 30 years. What Antonio does is just open the door to people whom life, society, law and even family have denied a second chance.

Through the stories of three young boys, who have a lot of things in common, we will find out how Antonio is the key in these boys’ lives as well as in their process of social reintegration where school, psychologists and reformatories have failed.

Alvaro Torrellas


Alvaro Torrellas was born in Santander, Cantabria (Spain) on december 15th, 1979.  He left Santander at the age of fifteen for Orange, Massachusetts (USA) where he graduated in 1998 at the Ralph C. Mahar Highschool.  After that, Torrellas spent one year in France in Chambéry, Montepellier and Paris, where he learned the french language. In 1999 he began studying journalism at the San Pablo CEU University in Madrid. In his fourth college year he studied at the Ludwig Maximilans Universität in Munich, Germany.  The year after (2004), he returned to Madrid to obtain his journalism degree.

2004-2005 Torrellas combined a Master’s degree in production with film, publicity and TV production jobs.  During his Master’s degree he was recruited by a private investor to set up a production company in Madrid, Spain called Rojo Vivo.  After launching the first TV sitcom that was bought by a TV channel “Eva y Kolegas”, Torrellas moved to Sevilla to become GPD’s producer. In 2011 he created his own production company “La Fábrika Films” which is the production company responsible for Torrellas’s first film as a director “3 Minutos”.


Alvaro Torrellas

Original language: Spanish