HD-DCP - 2018 - Argentina - 97 - Color

A Journey to the Fumigated Towns

A film by Fernando E. Solanas

A Journey to the Fumigated Towns is the final episode made by Fernando Solanas in a series of 8 films dedicated to the Argentinian’s crisis in the 21st century. Based on testimonies, re-creations, archives and photos, this investigative documentary reveals not only the after-effects of the soya’s model and other GMO’s grain productions with agrochemicals, on the health of the Argentinian people but also the global and environmental consequences.

Fernando Solanas unfolds dramatic stories and testimonies from locals, farmers and researchers. As a fearless director and a senator, he is convinced that Eco-agriculture produces food for everyone in a natural and profitable way.

Fernando E. Solanas


Born in Olivos, Argentina in 1936. He studied theatre, music and law. Director, scriptwriter, author and producer, he has made 17 feature-length films: the first of which was “The Hour of the Furnaces” (1968) a documentary trilogy filmed in a clandestine manner. His first fiction film was “The Sons of Fierro” (1975, a co-production with WDR and Tele Munchen). Under threat by the military dictatorship, in 1976 he goes into exile in France. With the return of democracy in 1983, he moves back to Argentina.

In 1985 he films “Tangos: The Exile of Gardel” in both Paris and Buenos Aires  – Gran Premio Speciale at the Venice Film Festival -; “South” (1988, Best Director Award, Cannes), “The Journey” (1992); “The Cloud” (1998); “The Legacy” (2016). He was awarded the “Award of the Americas” in Montreal and the  “Golden Bear” for his trajectory at the Berlinale (2004).

Due to his public criticism of corruption within the Menem government, in 1991 he suffers a political attack, receiving six gunshots to his legs. In 2002 he embarks on a new testimonial saga about the Argentine crisis, made up of eight feature-length films: “Social Genocide” (2004), “The Dignity of the Nobodies” (2005), “Latent Argentina” (2007), “The Next Station” (2008), “Impure Gold” (2009),“Black Gold”(2011),“The Fracking War” (2013), “A Journey to the Fumigated Towns”(2018). Currently he is a National Senator for the City of Buenos Aires.

Fernando E. Solanas

Original language: Spanish
Produced by: Cinesur S.A.


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