HD - 2012 - Italy - 52 min - Color / Black & White

Bergman & Magnani: the war of volcanoes

Bergman & Magnani: The War of Volcanoes (original title)

A film by Francesco Patierno

The story of the biggest jet-set love scandal of all times.

Starring Roberto Rossellini, Ingrid Bergman, Anna Magnani and the mythical and primitive nature of the Aeolian Islands. The islands are at the same time the set for the movie “Vulcano” with Anna Magnani, who’s just been abandoned, by Rossellini, and for the movie “Stromboli, Terra di Dio” that will lead to the artistic and love relationship between Bergman and Rossellini.

The War of the Volcanoes is a documentary entirely based on the rich footage depicting the intense and dramatic love story between the world’s most famous actress (Ingrid Bergman), the most appreciated director by Hollywood of his time (Roberto Rossellini) and Italy’s most beloved actress (Anna Magnani).

“The War of the Volcanoes” is a story of wrath, suffering and love and at the same time the story of Stromboli a God-forgotten land, that for the time of the filming becomes the center of the world. Two colors reflect its primitive and mythical nature, the black of the volcano and of the sand and the red of the lava. A place with a strong identity, capable of destabilizing, of bearing the soul of our characters and to give them the strength they need to make courageous decisions.

“The War of the Volcanoes” tells a part of Italian and world cinema history, an intense and timeless story like the island where it takes place.

Francesco Patierno


Born in Naples in 1964, he studied architecture nad became art director in an advertising agency in Rome. He worked zd production designer and director for some programs at RAI television and then he began to work on documentaries, music videos and commercials. Eager to emerge from a creative and personal point of view, he signs his first short film That Day (1996), presented in many international events.

In 2010 Francesco returns to the cinema with the film Things of the Other World, loosely inspired by the film A Day without a Mexican (2004) by Sergio Arau.

Francesco Patierno

Original language: Italian
Produced by: Todos Contentos y Yo Tambien
In collaboration with: Raicinema, Cinecittà Luce and Centro Studi Eoliano


Venice International Film Festival 2012 – VENEZIA CLASSICI

Toronto International Film Festival 2012 – TIFF CINEMATHEQUE

New York Film Festival 2012

London BFI 2012