DCP-HD - 2016 - Spain - 55 Min - Color / Black & White


Bolingo. The forest of Love. (original title)

A film by Alejandro G. Salgado

BOLINGO, THE FOREST OF LOVE tells the journey made by several women from the heart of Africa to North Morocco looking for the “European dream”. This journey will get them into a trip to motherhood at Bolingo or some other awaiting camp settled next to the Moroccan-Spanish border.

Bolingo means love in Lingala; a language used by a group of Congolese migrants giving humanity to the migrants’ drama in North Africa. They created a camp where migrant women could live with their children until circumstances allowed them to cross the border to Europe. 

BOLINGO, THE FOREST OF LOVE shows mothers fighting for survival and raising their children in hostile circumstances.


Alejandro G. Salgado


ALEJANDRO G. SALGADO graduated in Media & Communication Studies and History of Art from University of Seville.  He completed his studies by an specialisation in long feature film script writting.

In 2010 Alejandro won INJUVE Award to Young Creation as well as many national and international awards for AMONG TISSUES AND DREAMS short documentary project.

In 2013 he directed THE DISORDER OF THE SENSES documentary film, ASECAN prize to the 2014 Best Andalusian Documentary Short Film among other national & international awards.

At the same time, since 2011 he worked with direction and production teams of various feature films (El hombre de las mil caras by Alberto Rodríguez, LEJOS DEL MAR by Inmanol Uribe…).

Finally, in 2016 he directs the documentary film BOLINGO. THE FOREST OF LOVE.

Alejandro G. Salgado

Original language: English
Produced by: La Maleta


Seville European Film Festival 2016 – Imagenera Award (SEFF)

ASECAN Cine Andaluz  - Best Documentary 2017


International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2016 (IDFA) – Mid-Length Competition