HD-DCP - 2017 - italy - 74/51 min - Color / Black & White

Cinecittà Babilonia

Cinecittà Babilonia (original title)

A film by Marco Spagnoli

Sex, drugs and black shirts

Inspired by Kenneth Anger’s book “Hollywood Babilonia”, this documentary tells us the story of the italian cinema in the thirties and forties, exploring the relation between sex and power under the shade of fascism.

Combining archive materials and interviews Cineccità Babilonia has a unique point of view between history and gossip of the beginning of what we know as Hollywood on the Tiber.

Marco Spagnoli


 Marco Spagnoli is a journalist, a movie-critic and a film director who's been working in the Italian industry for over 25 years. He teaches Documentary writing at the Master Writing School for Cinema & Television in Rome. As a filmmaker, he wrote and directed several documentaries about the special relationship between Hollywood and Italian Cinema and Culture.

Marco Spagnoli

Original language: Italian, English
Produced by: Instituto Luce Cinecittà