DCP - HD - 2014 - PERU - 75 min - Color


BUSCANDO A GASTON (original title)

A film by Patricia Perez

There are many great chefs around the world.
Only one is considered to be a National hero.

Meet chef Gaston Acurio and follow him in a journey to find out the stories, the inspirations and dreams behind the man that has taken his cuisine outside the kitchen on a mission
to change his country. Because the people that are passionate enough to believe they can make a difference, are actually the ones who do. FINIDING GASTON takes you to the world of Gaston and along with him into discovering the stories behind Peruvian food, its people,
Its dreams. Are you ready to meet them?

Patricia Perez


Gaston Acurio is a chef, entrepreneur, and a leader of Peruvian cuisine.
With more than 50 restaurants in 12 countries, many award winning books, and a weekly TV show, Acurio has received worldwide acclaim for starting a gastronomical revolution in Peru. In the late 1980s, following the advice of his family, Acurio began his studies in law school. But his passion for food was stronger, so he decided to pursue a culinary arts career at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. While abroad, Acurio met his wife Astrid. In 1994,
the couple returned to Peru and founded their restaurant,
Astrid & Gastón. With their Parisian background, the restaurant had originally a French style, but over time Acurio began to experiment with Peruvian ingredients,
and the restaurant became one of the first beacons of Peruvian haute cuisine. Astrid&Gaston has been awarded Number 1 restaurant in South America and is currently in position number 18 in the San Pellegrino’s 50 best world restaurants.
Aside from his restaurant’s success, Gaston is a true inspiration for Peruvians,
a chef with a philosophy that food and cooks play an important role in promoting nation’s identity and that it can reunite the country and help to make people’s life better. He is a man who puts ethics and justice above personal interests and uses his money, international recognition and culinary skills as tools to help his country.

 Patricia Perez

Original language: Spanish, English, Quechua, Swedish, Italian and Portuguese
Produced by: CHIWAKE FILMS


Best Culinary Film in San Sebastian by the Tokyo Gohan Film Festival 2014

Bel Air Film Festival 2014: Best Jury Documentary Film and Best Jury Documentary Editing

Douro Film Harvest 2014: Best Food Film