HD-DCP - 2017 - Belgium - 74 min - Color

Imposed Piece

Opgelegd Werk (original title)

A film by Brecht Vanhoenacker

IMPOSED PIECE is a cinematographic chronicle revealing one of the most prestigious violin’s competition: the Queen Elisabeth.

Through this documentary, the audience meets some of the twelve finalists and follows their intense preparation. These young and talented musicians finally have the chance to manifest themselves as soloists after years of practice and sacrifices. Pressure and expectations are high.

In complete seclusion and during an eight-days period, they have to study a compulsory piece and a concerto of their choice.

Little by little, the film reveals how they prepare, how they cope with stress and how they reflect on their past and future.


Brecht Vanhoenacker


Brecht Vanhoenacker graduated from KASK, Ghent, as a ‘master in audiovisual art’.
Brecht started working as an assistant director in 2003. In 2004 he directed his first commercial with the production company CCP, which soon gave him the opportunity to move further on in his career. He worked for Czar Brussels and Amsterdam, Wanda Paris, Mercurio Rome and is currently represented by Caviar Content Brussels.

Brecht has shot a lot of visual comedy and was honored with several international awards, including the golden award at New York Festival and the silver award at the London International Awards, for his Pure FM commercial. He also has a big interest in documentary and recently finished after “Buffalo Forever” his fourth film together with Victoria Deluxe “Blij dat ik jou heb”. He also likes operating the camera and knows his way around the edit.

Brecht Vanhoenacker



director of commercials Telepass, National Geographic, Koninklijke Landmacht Nederland, Lotto, Studio Brussel, De Standaard, Gitem, General d’Optique, Klara, BVN, Car-Pass, Kinepolis, Ford, Volkswagen, Balisto, Citroën, BCC


director of commercials Quick, Hasbro, SNS bank, Bros; Telenet, Stepstone, Car-Pass, P-Magazine
director, editor and photography Iets korter alstublieft a documentary in collaboration with Victoria Deluxe, 76 min


director of commercials Delta Lloyd, Base, Lotto, Asteria, Klara Kapaza, BNPparibas
director, editor and photography De wet van het dorp a documentary in collaboration with Victoria Deluxe, 86 min
director, editor and photography Buffalo Forever a documentary in collaboration with Victoria Deluxe en Voetbal in de stad, 85 min


director, editor and photography Blij dat ik jou heb a documentary in collaboration with Victoria Deluxe en Mozaïek vzw, 75 min

Original language: English, Dutch, South Korean
Produced by: Caviar