Beta Dig - 2012 - France - 48 min - Color

King Hu

King Hu (original title)

A film by Hubert Niogret

Bodies which float in the air and cross swords, a young woman jumping from a roof of a pagoda to another, a young woman jumping through a window and turning on wounded two attackers, a monk who with a wave of his big rod reverses its opponents, swordsmen who use the flexibility of large bamboo to bounce from one end to another of a forest. In an open or enclosed area of a tavern, the fighters of the films of King Hu, amaze, fascinate by their exploits, which are all forms of actions of dreamlike flights.

Hubert Niogret


Hubert Niogret. Film producer of features and documentaries, including some about cinema, documentary-director (Julien Duvivier, Jacques Becker, René Clair, Benny Moré-King of Rythm, Hong-Kong Cinema, Interview with Wong Kar-wai, Shaw Brothers Story, Memories of French Cinema, The Nine Lives of Korean Cinema, The Time of Thai Cinema, The Chinese Cinema-Yesterday and Today, Indian Cinemas-From North to South, Return to Manila: Filipino cinema, King Hu) Member of Editorial Committee of the French monthly movie magazine, Positif.  Author of books about Akira Kurosawa, Julien Duvivier, Shohei Imamura. Supervisor of the books 100 Directors of Today – 50 Years of the Magazine Positif, and David Cronenberg.

Hubert Niogret

Original language: Mandarin, Cantonese & English