HD - 2011 - France - 9x23 min - Color

Luxe Factory

Luxe Factory (original title)

A film by Eric Le Seney

Trade secrets, unexpected anecdotes, moving portraits, small and big histories: Luxe Factory regroups an exceptional circle of creators, artists and craftsmen who maintain the flame of the excellence and transmit the breath of Luxury, also called the art of the detail.

Eric Le Seney


Eric Le Senay Began his TV career directing video clips, reports, short movies, and capitation on main international events, especially about fashion and luxe industry. After his documentary “Louis Vuitton Champs Elysées” that been broadcasted all over the world, he directed “High Parisian Jewelry” and the series Luxe factory.

Eric Le Seney

Original language: French & English
Produced by: Injam Productions, Miss Luna Films & Stylia`