HD - 2011 - Czech Republic - 100 min & 4x56 min - Color

Milos Forman, what doesn’t kill you…

Milos Forman, what doesn't kill you... (original title)

A film by Miloslav Smidmajer

Though there were shot and air a few documentaries about Miloš Forman in the history – it is the theme which cannot make drying up of river, it is really still thrilling and inspiring theme…

There were a lot of changes in his life last fifteen years and his professional career waltzes through some specific turning points and peripetias… We also were in a position to peep into the en famille sneak-holes of his life due to our personal relationship and liason… the sneak-holes, which Miloš Forman seldom has talked about… but which have inspired him and his film creation and which resounded with rare pregnancy and unhoped-for chains of events in his movies.


This is no ordinary biography in our documentary. The professional career of the director Miloš Forman is organicly oozed through inscapes of his privacy and is set within the framework of a “short history” of filmmaking. The documentary pursues the idea of how important it is to allow room for films that bring big emotions and that champion the highest values, such as the freedom of mankind. Milos Forman reflects this theme of personal freedom with the rare cogency.


There are also framed short interviews of famous actors who had cooperated on most famous movies by Miloš Forman: F. Murray Abraham, A. Bening, W. Harrelson, L. Fletcher, N. Portman etc or short interviews of producers M. Douglas, S. Zaentz or his longstanding cooperator and friend J.-C. Carriere  in our documentary.


The documentary was filmed in the USA in Connecticut and New York, in Paris, Madrid and Valencia, and in Prague and other locations in the Czech Republic.

Miloslav Smidmajer


After graduating on the Philosophical faculty of Charles university in Prague he started working as an editor and director in Czechoslovak  Television.

He worked as a manager in first Czech private film company HEUREKA FILM - producer of movies like AKUMULATOR 1 (directed by Oscar winning director Jan Sverak) or  ŠPENDLÍK NA MOTÝLA  / A PIN FOR THE BUTTERFLY  - co-production with Channel Four and British screen. He also worked as a creative director in the international company TBWA, where he also directed commercials.

In 1995, he founded the production company PLUTO film & video, which concentrates on making its own documentaries about famous personalities (Miloš Forman, Saul Zaentz, Norbert Auerbach, Miroslav Ondříček, Teodor Pištěk, Jan Hammer etc.), video series of an educational character, non-traditional travelogues, work to order etc.

In 2003, he founded BIO ILLUSION, s.r.o., which concentrates on live-action feature films. Its debut in this direction was the poetic comedy JAK BÁSNÍCI NEZTRÁCEJÍ NADĚJI / THE POETS NEVER LOSE HOPE (premiere 18 January 2004), which enjoyed great popularity with the viewing public (fourth most successful Czech movie of 2004); a family comedy from director Marie Poledňáková JAK SE KROTÍ KROKODÝLI / TAMING CROCODILES (premiere 12 January 2006) - 8 weeks on the first place of Czech film TOP TEN, third most successful Czech movie of 2006.

Three projects were released in 2009, fairytales: featured film  PEKLO S PRINCEZNOU /  HELL  WITH PRINCESS directed by Miloslav Šmídmajer  and animated full length film IN THE ATTIC directed by Jiří Barta. And MILOS FORMAN: WHAT DOESN‘T KILL YOU… directed by Miloslav Smidmajer.

Miloslav Smidmajer

Original language: Czech & English
Produced by: Bio Illusion / Pluto Film & Video
In coproduction with: Eurocine Paris, Cine Aktuell München


65th Annual DGA (Director’s Guild of America): Guild’s Highest Tribute 


Moscow International Film Festival – Ateliers Section