DCP-HD - 2016 - France - 76 Min - Color

Move! Dance your life

Move! Dance your life (original title)

A film by Fanny Jean-Noël

MOVE ! Dance your life is a "poetrip". It’s a unique, poetic and aesthetic film about dance around the world !
Its primary language is Dance, a universal medium.
The film takes place in 18 different destinations around the world. With over 20 dancers, amateurs or professionals, from childhood to old age, from womb to tomb, MOVE ! shows humanity’s vital need for dance.


« We should consider each day lost in which we have not danced at least once »

Friedrich Nietzcshe

Fanny Jean-Noël


After graduating in Cinema at the University of Art and Letters in the South of France, she moves to Los Angeles. She first works on sets for independent movies and studio films.
She directs and self-produces her first short film in 35mm, the executive producers being John Malkovich and Eduardo Ponti.
In Paris, she directs four more produced and successful shorts films. Her fourth short film "Julie et ses Jules", co-produced by French TV Channel France 2 and the CNC (National Center of Cinema), wins many prizes and is selected in more than 50 festivals all around the world. It gets broadcast on French and international Televisions and on several theatres in France. She also directs some music videos, short documentaries and other experimental videos. She shot her first feature film all around the world as a one woman-crew for over 2 years.

Short films : "Somewhere Else" , "So What?!", "Sirène Song", "Julie et ses Jules", "Héroïques Anonymes".

Fanny Jean-Noël

Original language: Spanish, English, Hindi
Produced by: Rappi Productions
In coproduction with: Fanny Jean-Noël