DCP- HD - 2016 - Italy - 68 Min - Color


Our War (original title)

A film by Benedetta Argentieri, Bruno Chiaravalloti, Claudio Jampaglia

“Sometimes in your life, you just got to fight, fight for what’s right”

Who fights against ISIS? Three westerners joined the Kurds of the People Protection Units (YPG) of Rojava, in Northern Syria, to fight the self-declared Islamic State. The documentary has original footage from the Syrian battlefield, which blends in with the protagonist's daily life in USA, Italy, Sweden.

The three characters talk about choices, nightmares, hopes, comrades and friends lost and their continuous support the Rojava’s struggle and democratic dream.

In volunteering to fight in a war so distant from their daily life the question is, what are they fighting for?

Benedetta Argentieri, Bruno Chiaravalloti, Claudio Jampaglia



Benedetta Argentieri

After having started her career in television at Mediaset.it she began a career as a reporter for the Milanese newspaper Corriere Della Sera. In 2013 she produced “Capulcu-Voices from Gezi”, a documentary about the revolt in Gezi Park in Istanbul, Turkey, a documentary which won various awards, including the Amnesty  International award. In 2014, after a Master’s Degree in political journalism from Columbia University in New York, she started a career as a freelance journalist. From November 2014 she traveled several times to Iraq and Syria, where she wrote articles for various international publications, including Reuters, Quartz and Corriere Della Sera. Media around the world, including the New York Times and Vice have picked up her stories on women Kurdish fighters and foreign fighters.


Bruno Chiaravalloti

Is a visual anthropologist and filmmaker, since 2000 he has participated in the organization of cinema festivals and has brought to light numerous documentaries for NGOs, in Africa and elsewhere, presented in various festivals such as: Festival della Montagna of Trento, Festival del Cinema Africano of Milan, Cinema Ambiente of Turin. In 2008 he won the production prize of Filmmaker Festival in Milan with his documentary “Una questione Privata” (“A Private Matter”). In 2011 he won the Fai prize at the Milano Film Festival with “Rinnovata la chiamò” (“Renewed Named”) a documentary dedicated to a primary school. In 2013 he collaborated with the artist Marinella Senatore on “Piccolo Caos” (“Little Chaos”) project. From 2012 to 2015, he collaborated at Prospekt Agency, creating web documentaries, promotional videos, and video installations. His video installation “A/R”, created with Claudio Jampaglia, is permanently exhibited at the MUDEC (Museum of Cultures) in Milan.

Claudio Jampaglia

Journalist, author and producer. He has worked for multiple national publications from reporter to chief-editor. He collaborated with various national and local radio stations and in News programs with Italian andInternational TV, such as RAI and the Canadian Broadcasting Company. He is also author of various books published by Feltrinelli and Ponte alle Grazie. Since 2010 he has been working with Prospekt agency (www.prospekt.it) as author and producer of reportage, video, web series and web documentaries for media, institutions and companies.


Benedetta Argentieri, Bruno Chiaravalloti, Claudio Jampaglia

Original language: English, Italian, Kurdish, Arabic
Produced by: PossibileFilm, Lorenzo Gangarossa, Rai Cinema
In coproduction with: Start


73th Mostra delle Arti Cinematografiche di Venezia 2016 – Out of Competition