HD - 2013 - Switzerland - 90 & 52 Min - Color

Sagrada: The Mystery of the Creation

A film by Stefan Haupt

The “Sagrada Família” in Barcelona is a unique and fascinating building. It is the brainchild of the architect Antoni Gaudí, a once controversial genius, and the work of an army of laborers. The edifice has a history with many highs and lows and raises a multitude of questions.

We normally experience a cathedral or church in its finished form, as the witness of a period long gone. By contrast, the construction of the Sagrada Famí­lia is anything but complete. We can see with our own eyes how the edifice is growing and evolving, even today, as it has done for the past 130 years.

SAGRADA is a film about the mysterious process of artistic creation, revolving around the ques­tion of our human creative power and how we want to use it.

Stefan Haupt


Stefan Haupt was born in Zurich in 1961. He attended the Zurich Drama School from 1985 to 1988, obtaining a degree in Theater Education. Since 1989 he has worked as a director and filmmaker. In 1998 he founded his own production company, Fontana Film, in Zurich. His feature film debut Utopia Blues was honoured with the Zurich Film Prize and the Swiss Film Prize, among others. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross remains the most successful Swiss documentary film to date, with some 300,000 viewers throughout Europe. From 2008 to 2010 Stefan Haupt was president of the Swiss Filmmakers Association, and has been a board member of the foundation of SWISS FILMS, the promotion agency, since 2007. Stefan Haupt is married to actress Eleni Haupt; they live in Zurich with their four children.

Stefan Haupt



2013                      THE CIRCLE – , docu-drama, 86 min., director and producer,

2012                      SAGRADA – EL MISTERI DE LA CREACIÓ, documentary, 90 min., screenplay, director and producer

2010                      HOW ABOUT LOVE, feature, Swiss German dialect, English, Thai, Karen;
110 min., screenplay, director and co-producer

2006                      A SONG FOR ARGYRIS, documentary, 105 min., screenplay, director and producer

2004                      DOWNTOWN SWITZERLAND, documentary, 94 min., concept, co-author, co-director and co-producer with Christian Davi, Kaspar Kasics                      

2003                      MORITZ, TV feature, 87 min., co-author, director, co-producer

2002                      ELISABETH KÜBLER-ROSS – FACING DEATH, documentary, 98 min., screenplay, director and producer

2001                                  UTOPIA BLUES, feature film, Swiss German dialect, 97 min.

2000                      INCRESCHANTÜM (Homesickness), documentary, 68 min. Raeto-Romance, screenplay, director and producer

1998                                I'M JUST A SIMPLE PERSON, documentary, 49 min.

Screenplay, director, producer, FDI study grant

Original language: Spanish, Catalan, English, German, French
Produced by: Fontana Film GmbH