DCP/HD - 2019 - FRANCE - 90Min - null


A film by Stéphane Haskell

In his early forties, Stéphane Haskell is a talented director-photographer burning life at both ends. One night, tragedy strikes, and he finds himself paralyzed. Rushed to a hospital and diagnosed with an equina syndrome, Stéphane gets several back surgeries and finally manages to walk painfully. Doctors not knowing what the future holds, he struggles to regain mobility and goes through months of rehabilitation and years of suffering. An encounter changes the course of his destiny, Thérèse Poulsen, a yoga teacher convincing him to follow her to Germany, where she gives yoga classes in a spiritual center. Over three year of intense workshops, she teaches him the basics of yoga and its philosophy; the beginning of a new path to live well again. Despite chronic pain and discouragement, he holds on and meets people just like him. There is born the idea of making a film inspired by these individuals transformed by the practice. Travelling to San Francisco (San Quentin prison where yoga has been introduced), Los Angeles (where a man affected by multiple sclerosis heals through yoga), Kenya where Massai have been practicing for centuries, India meeting the great master BKS Iyengar , Israel where a Jewish couple started their own yoga school and find religion afterwards, Stéphane steps back into life and arises the question of our Western lifestyle and its capacity to answer the fundamental questions raised by existence.

Stéphane Haskell

Stéphane Haskell

Original language: French, English
Produced by: Flair Production