DCP - HD - 2011 - Sweden, USA - 92 & 52 - Color / Black & White

The Black Power Mixtape: 1967-1975

The Black Power Mixtape (original title)

A film by Göran Hugo Olsson

The Black Power Mixtape is an archive- and music- driven documentary that examines the evolution of the Black Power Movement in the African-American community and Diaspora from 1967 to 1975. Combining startlingly fresh and meaningful 16mm footage that had been lying undiscovered in the cellar of Swedish Television for the past 30 years, with contemporary audio interviews from leading African-American artists, activists, musicians and scholars, Mixtape looks at the people, society, culture and style that fuelled a change. Utilizing an innovative format that riffs on the popular 70s mixtape format, the Black Power Mixtape is a cinematic and musical journey into the ghettos of America. At the end of the Sixties, Swedish interest in the US Civil Rights Movement and the US anti-war movement peaked. With a combination of commitment and naiveté, Swedish filmmakers traveled across the Atlantic to explore the Black Power Movement. Filmmaker Göran Hugo Olsson brings this newly discovered footage to light and introduces it to a new generation across the world in a penetrating examination – through the lens of Swedish filmmakers – of the Black Power Movement from 1967-1975, and its worldwide resonance.

Göran Hugo Olsson


Born 1965 in Lund, Sweden. Olsson was educated at the Royal University of Fine Arts in Stockholm after film studies at Stockholm University. He is a Documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and manufacturer of his own innovation - the A-cam, a Super-16 film camera. He was editor, as well as founder of the short documentary television program “Ikon” (SVT). Prior to that, he worked on another series for SVT. “Elbyl.”
Olsson is the Co-founder of the production company Story AB. He served as Commission Consultant at the Swedish Film Institute during 2000-02 and has traveled the world making films, commercials, information films and music videos.

Göran Hugo Olsson


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Kaliningrad?/9 min/year 1998
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Leonie Geisendorf- Architect/10 min/ year1995
The Night of the Gypsies /58 min/year 1994
Brålanda-Minsk/29 min/ year 1993

Original language: English, Swedish
Produced by: STORY AB


World Cinema Documentary Editing Award at the Sundance Film Festival


Berlin International Film Festival in the Panorama DOKUMENTE Section

Sundance Film Festival - World Cinema Documentary Competition

Deauville American Film Festival – “Uncle Sam Docs” Section