HD - 2011 - France - 52 min - Color

The Emperor’s lost harbor

The Emperor's lost harbor (original title)

A film by Hannes Schuler

Istanbul, Turkey. A city between Europe and Asia. An old dream emerges: a tunnel under the Bosphorus, one of the most attended sea routes in the world. But while digging, the workmen discover more than 30 ships, filled with human goods, tools and skeletons. It quickly becomes obvious that they had found the old port of Theodosius I, the last emperor of Constantinople.

A surprising story emerging from a gigantic ultramodern building site; the discovery of one of the wonders of the world; a journey in the heart of one of the most attractive megalopolises of Antiquity and a high-risk navigation in the past.

Hannes Schuler


Hannes Schuler was born in Munich in 1966. After his non-military national service, he took a degree in technology and communications studies in Munich before studying African linguistics and economic geography in Cologne. He was employed full-time by Target Film in Munich 1990–95, where he started on making TV and multimedia productions and industrial films.

Since early 1996 he has been a freelance scriptwriter, director and editor of TV documentaries and industrial films. His work has involved shooting on film and video, productions in Germany and abroad (including with local teams), and he has gathered extensive experience in video and audio postproduction as well as in the production and usage of computer animations (Virtual Studio) and composting effects.

In 1997 the pro7 documentary "Life in the Ghetto" (for which Hannes Schuler" had directed the section shot Hebron) was awarded the Bavarian TV Prize.

As well as writing and direction, his documentary film productions for international broadcasters increasingly include elaborate reenactments. For example, for the four-part ZDF series "Metropolis – The Power of Cities", filming for the reenactments took place in Montréal with a German cameraman and a Canadian crew, and involved using complex digital set extensions. “Darwin’s Lost Paradise” was shot with the French DOP Etienne Carton de Gammont and a French crew in France.

Hannes Schuler