HD - 2014 - French - 60 min - Color / Black & White


Illustre et Inconnu: Comment Jacques Jaujaurd a sauvé le Louvre (original title)

A film by Jean-Pierre Devillers & Pierre Pochard

At the dawn of World War II, a resistance group organizes an incredible exfiltration of masterpieces from the Louvre Museum to save it off the Nazis’ hands. The man leading the operation is Jacques Jaujard, the Louvre Museum’s director. Jaujard had an extraordinary personality and was madly in love with art. Although he was a devoted servant of the State, he used his knowledge of the system and his audacity to serve a universal cause: saving the world heritage. The film talks about this important chapter of history combining interviews, rare footage (including Jaujard’s notebook), supported by a dynamic narration, animated sequences of the protagonists embedded in archives and footage shot in situ. This form is in ad equation with our heroes’ elegance who remained until now in the shadow...

Jean-Pierre Devillers & Pierre Pochard


Pierre Pochart is a senior investigative reporter for Canal Plus network. Six years ago, he fell in love with Jacques Jaujard’s incredible story and started investigating. There never was a doubt in his mind that it had to be turned into a film.

Jean-Pierre Devillers is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. He directed the documentary tribute to the late director Maurice Pialat, Love Exists, selected in Cannes and A la vie à la mort, the original documentary which inspired the widely successful French movie The Untouchables.



Jean-Pierre Devillers & Pierre Pochard

Original language: French
Produced by: Ladybird Films


France Television



RAI Storia


IBA- Israel Broadcasting Authority 


Film Euro International Emmy® Award 2015 – Winner Art Programming Section



Cinémavérité (Iran) 2014

EPOS art festival 2015

FIFA 2015

Zagreb Jewish Film Festival - Festival of Tolerance

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