35 mm - HD - 2012 - France - 104 min - Color

The New Watchdogs

Les Nouveaux Chiens de Garde (original title)

A film by Gilles Balbastre & Yannik Kergoat

In 1932, writer Paul Nizan published "The Watchdogs", a book denouncing the philosophers and writers of his era for imposing themselves as guardians of the establishment behind a pretense of intellectual neutrality. The new watchdogs of today are the journalists, editorial writers and media-friendly experts who openly crusade for free markets and the maintenance of social order. With sardonic humor, The New Watchdogs lambastes these pundits posing as independent, unbiased, pluralistic forces of democratic opposition. The film convincingly and accurately exposes the growing threat of news being manufactured and deformed into a commodity by big business. 

Gilles Balbastre & Yannik Kergoat


Yannick Kergoat has been working as a film editor for the past fifteen years. Starting in television documentaries, he then turned to fiction films for the cinema. In 2001 Yannick won the César Award for Best Editing with the film Harry, He's Here to Help (2000). In 2007 he was nominated for the same award for Days of Glory (2006). Yannick has worked with many different filmmakers including Costa-Gavras, Rachid Bouchareb, Eric Zonka, Cedric Klapisch, Dominique Moll and Mathieu Kassovitz. His filmography as editor includes, London River (2009), Outside the Law (2010), Asteryx and the Olympic Games (2008), All the Invisible Children (2005), Amen (2002).


Gilles Balbastre began as a freelance journalist and worked for many tv channels. This experience is at the origin of a lucid analysis of this profession. He directed the publication of Plan B, a magazine criticizing the Medias. He also wrote many documentaries about the abuses of liberalism.

Gilles Balbastre & Yannik Kergoat

Original language: French
Produced by: JEM Productions


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