Beta Dig - 2012 - France - 2 x 55 min - Color

Through Japanese Cinema

Through Japanese Cinema (original title)

A film by Hubert Niogret

The exclusive domination of large corporations-production-distribution operation for over thirty years, and its collapse at the time of questioning global powers and the emergence of new styles and the conquest of new territories (animation) seemed to justify the cutting of a documentary on the recent history of Japanese cinema into two parts, corresponding to nearly equal lengths (20 to 30 years), and generations of filmmakers:
1. The cinema of protest and renewal, the emergence of independent after the Golden Age: careers with Nagisa Oshima, Yoshishige Yoshida, Shohei Imamura, Masaki Kobayashi ... the early 60s until the 90s.
2. The renewal of the images and the New Territories today: with the careers of Hayao Miyazaki, Satoshi Kon, Otomo, director Takashi Miike, Takeshi Kitano, Hideo Nakata, Kiyoshi Kurosawa ... the late 90's to today.

Hubert Niogret


Hubert Niogret. Film producer of features and documentaries, including some about cinema, documentary-director (Julien Duvivier, Jacques Becker, René Clair, Benny Moré-King of Rythm, Hong-Kong Cinema, Interview with Wong Kar-wai, Shaw Brothers Story, Memories of French Cinema, The Nine Lives of Korean Cinema, The Time of Thai Cinema, The Chinese Cinema-Yesterday and Today, Indian Cinemas-From North to SouthReturn to Manila: Filipino cinema, King Hu) Member of Editorial Committee of the French monthly movie magazine, Positif.  Author of books about Akira Kurosawa, Julien Duvivier, Shohei Imamura. Supervisor of the books 100 Directors of Today – 50 Years of the Magazine Positif, and David Cronenberg.

Hubert Niogret

Original language: Japanese & English