HD - 2014 - French - 52 - Color

Vietnamese Cinema

Cinéma Vietnamien (original title)

A film by Hubert Niogret

The documentary attempts to retrace the major political and industrial aesthetic phases of Vietnamese cinema, through its wars, regime changes, ideological developments, and focusing primarily on the current situation. The documentary is also the reflection of a very dynamic country on the rise and whose lifestyles are profoundly different from the South (the economic capital) and the North (the administrative capital of the central government much more rooted in tradition).

Hubert Niogret


ilm producer of features and documentaries, including some about cinema, documentary-director (Julien Duvivier, Jacques Becker, René Clair, Benny Moré-King of Rythm, Hong-Kong Cinema, Interview with Wong Kar-wai, Shaw Brothers Story, Memories of French Cinema, The Nine Lives of Korean Cinema, The Time of Thai Cinema, The Chinese Cinema-Yesterday and Today, Indian Cinemas-From North to South, Return to Manila: Filipino cinema, King Hu) Member of Editorial Committee of the French monthly movie magazine, Positif.  Author of books about Akira Kurosawa, Julien Duvivier, Shohei Imamura. Supervisor of the books 100 Directors of Today – 50 Years of the Magazine Positif, and David Cronenberg. - See more at: http://widehouse.org/film/through-japanese-cinema/#sthash.EQeosBAd.dpuf

Hubert Niogret

Original language: Vietnamese, French
Produced by: Les Films du Tamarin