A film by Martin Esposito

Martin returns his childhood place. He has now been buried by a huge open dump.

Man vs Trash 1

Martin decides to settle and live in this world of garbage, punctuated by the forth back and forth dances of trucks and bulldozers leveling and discharging waste. For days and months, Martin will mark his place in an unbearable universe seemingly driving to madness. He feeds himself with the trash. He bathes into the river each daily, like a step back to the primitive world. He looks after animals trapped in the hellhole, and surfs on giant wave generated by the trash. Nothing looking for exposure such pointing fingers at one other, Martin simply tries, in this film, a desperate effort to make a metaphor for our world, minus the guilt. Martin won’t accept this universe that has been imposed, he wants to appropriate it, ingest and digest.

This until the final and permanent closure of the dump, where he will save the last seagull from poisoning.


Martin Esposito was born on 24 September 1977 in Grasse in the Alpes-Maritimes. He left France at age 15 to live in Hawaii and take a high-level sporting career in windsurfing. He travels the world for competitions and for photo reports.

He returned to France at the age of 22 to pursue his passions: photography and cinema.

Martin made his first appearance in film at the age of ten years in the lead role of the short film “La Strada Del Sol” directed by Philomene Esposito, selected at Cannes. He then had roles in several short and feature films, also TV features.

He also grows in experience in photography, add to that his commitment to the environment help him to lands many coverages including Naples, Kosovo, Georgia and Dubai.

He returned to cinema as an author, directing his first short film “Le Couloir” and “Jardin Secret”.

In 2012 he directed his first feature film “Man vs Trash”.

Original language: French
Produced by: In Production, Mother and Son


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